“Nicola saved my back today after putting it out (not at the gym but bending awkwardly to get something from the printer)! She was also instrumental in helping me recover from an injury last year – her treatment and advice are spot on. She’s a miracle worker and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – K. De Souza

”I really wish I had seen Nicola sooner to address my shoulder pain.. yes it hurt having the area worked on as the muscles were solid but the relief afterwards was unreal.. I can’t wait for my next appointment as the saying goes if there is no pain there is no gain I really wish I had gone to see nicola sooner… look after those healing hands they really do work miracles..”  – S.Tingey

“I have been a patient of Nicola Nash for over 8 years, for various injuries, and have always found her thorough, very professional and meticulous. She is very caring and considerate but will give you an honest assessment of whether she can help or not and if there is a need for medical intervention. She listens to her patients and then uses the knowledge gained to give the best treatment possible. She is kind but firm and will take time to allay fears or explain what she is doing or what further procedures, if necessary, might entail. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is an excellent physiotherapist and I wouldn`t want to see anyone else.” – Mrs J. Saffery

“A few years ago I had an operation on my ankle. The hospital organised me a physio appointment. I wasn’t used to physio but it was fine. On my next appointment I met Nicola Nash and that’s when my treatment really began!

“Nicola exudes knowledge and is well-tempered, with a good understanding of how your condition is impacting on your life. She listens to you. She is totally honest and explains why you will need to follow a certain regime to get better. She has just the right balance of being compassionate and being strict with you in order to achieve your desired goal.

“Over a period of years I have had to have physio for a number of issues. I have never considered another therapist. Each time Nicola listens, explains and plans a programme to achieve desired results and makes sure we get there!

“I actually look forward to my physio sessions with her! I know that she will ensure that I reach my goal and that she will answer all of my questions or concerns. As I get older I am very aware of the importance of taking care of the one body we have to get through life, and with Nicola on board I am certainly giving it my best shot!” – Cheryl Jackson